Send-Safe Enterprise

Send-Safe Enterprise is a "cluster" mailer, which can be a real solution for big mailers who use 2 or more servers in their campaigns.

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Send-Safe Enterprise consists of two parts: Mail Management Console and Enterprise Mailer. Console part of Send-Safe Enterprise is designed to be installed on a private server with a high speed connection to the mailers. Your IP is never exposed to mail recipients or proxies. Console works as a server for the Enterprise Mailers; it distributes proxylists, maillists, messages, settings and updates them. Console is used to perform the following tasks:

Enterprise Mailer is installed on the servers (Windows, Linux or FreeBSD) and actually performs mailing by using the settings, messages, proxies and maillists from the Console they are connected to. Mailer can work on servers with dynamic IPs that are changed every few minutes. It's also can be installed as a NT service and work invisibly without any user GUI.



To download the demo version of Send-Safe Enterprise, please click here. Demo version has the following limitations:


Send-Safe Enterprise pricing is based upon the number of Enterprise Mailers that the customer can run simultaneously using one copy of Mail Management Console.

# of MailersPrice (Euro)Order now

The price includes 1-year free upgrades and technical support.

Use of the Mail Management Console part of Send-Safe Enterprise is restricted to the computer the key is ordered for (it ties to the particular computer using HardwareID). HardwareID may change if you change your hardware configuration or reinstall Windows. You may request a new registration key for Mail Management Console if your HardwareID is changed (one time only, previous key will be disabled in this case).

The Enterprise Mailer part of Send-Safe Enterprise isn't restricted to any particular hardware, so you can change your servers configuration, or move Enterprise Mailers across your servers without having to order any additional keys.

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